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The Seahorse Tail

Warning! You might become addicted! Seriously, we aren't joking. We have had customers tell us they wore out their screens playing our games on their devices.
Mobile Apps

We have been producing mobile applications since 1997, starting with the Pilot 1000. We currently offer applications for all iOS devices.


We are a card game company at heart. We produce classic solitaire style games such as Pyramid Solitaire, multi-player games such as Euchre, and fast-paced games such as BlackJack Run.


Our focus extends beyond card games into the educational area with addition and US state learning apps.


We also provide various utilities to enhance built in applications and to make household chores easier.

iOS Apps

Your favorite games from the PalmOS world, plus new game, educational, and utility apps for all your iOS devices.
  • 4Corners Solitaire
  • AquaWord
  • BlackJack Run Classic
  • Classic Euchre
  • Classic Rummy
  • CritterStickers
  • Flower Power
  • Geographun – USA
  • HallowStickers
  • Pyramid Solitaire
  • Quote Spark
  • R+
  • Simple Solitaire Free
  • Tric-Trac
  • Water+
  • Xylophun

PalmOS Apps

We get it. You loved our games so much that you still hang on to your PalmOS device just to play them. While we are busy moving customer favorites over to newer devices, as a service to our customers we still provide the legacy apps for you to download and install.
Download All The Apps!

Get all of our legacy PalmOS apps in one single file.

Back in the day, our games were "shareware", and required you pay to get access to the full features. We have included the registration codes in the download file so you can enjoy the games in their full glory.


Problems? Suggestions? Have a Next-Big-Thing idea? Just want to say 'hi'? Get in touch with us!


We here at Seahorse Software, LLC take the privacy of our customers very seriously, especially those of our youngest users. For any of our Made For Kids applications, we do not collect any information about the user or device. Even our non-Made For Kids applications do not collect any personal data. We want to provide safe and entertaining applications for our young and old users alike to enjoy.

For any questions regarding our applications, please feel free to contact us at